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about... W A R O E N G   J A J A N A N


Waroeng Jajanan

Address: 22315 WA-99 ste I, Edmonds, WA 98026

Contact: (425) 412-7025


Waroeng Jajanan is establish since March 2012, is an Indonesian Restaurant dedicated to providing Authentic Indonesian flavors to the people of America. The name is derived from the Indonesian terms ‘Waroeng’, which refers to a street-side stall, booth or shop, and ‘Jajanan’, which is slang for treats or snacks but could also refer to anything that one buys for fun. It is run by a husband-and-wife duo of Indonesian natives who grew up with Indonesian cuisine and know the country’s signature dishes by heart. Not only does it offer a variety of delicious menu items, it also has a grocery store with a wide selection of Indonesian-made frozen meals ranging from boxed Fried Rice to Rissoles, Pastel, Tahu isi, Bakwan Goreng, Pempek, Siomay, Putu ayu, Klepon, Dadar Gulung, Lupis, Nastar, Kastengel, Lapis legit, Baso Goreng, Instant Noodles, Drinks and Cooking ingredients that often fill the shelves of popular Indonesian supermarkets.


 Waroeng Jajanan takes pride in its roster of Indonesian dishes that represent the distinctive qualities of Indonesian cuisine and include many mouth-watering local favorites. Among its specialties is the Rendang, which is beef seasoned with traditional spices and cooked to perfection. Waroeng Jajanan’s Rendang, like all of its menu items, is made using authentic Indonesian methods with fresh ingredients and without chemical additives. The Rendang can either be ordered on its own or on a plate of Nasi Padang, one of Indonesia’s most beloved dishes (and arguably the most beloved and prolific dish to originate from Padang). It is one of the rice dishes available on the menu and, aside from Rendang and rice, also includes a serving of Ayam Kari (Indonesian for yellow chicken; chicken cooked with a traditional mixture of coconut oil and spiced), Fried boiled egg cooked in sambal Balado (Indonesian red chili sauce), Sambal Ijo (Green Chili), Daun Singkong (a type of vegetable popular in Southeast Asia). The other traditional rice dishes are Nasi Kuning (yellow rice) and Nasi Bakar (Grilled rice), which are available with fried and/or boiled egg, assorted vegetables and a variety of chicken preparations, namely theaforementioned Ayam kuning, Ayam cabe ijo (Fried chicken topped with Padang green chili sauce) and Ayam Kremes (Fried Chicken topped with crispy deep-fried crumbs).

Outside of rice dishes, Waroeng Jajanan offers Chicken Satay, Mie Bakso (Meatball soup) and Soto Betawi (a traditional beef soup dish cooked with coconut milk. Another mainstay of Waroeng Jajanan’s selection is the krupuk, one of Indonesia’s most popular snacks, which is a kind of cracker made from tapioca. Like in Indonesia, the krupuk in Waroeng Jajanan is plentiful, flavorful, traditionally made and available both on its own in large servings and alongside all the main dishes. Last but not least, Waroeng Jajanan also serves Ketoprak, a one-of-a-kind dish that combines a mixture of vermicelli, bean sprouts, tofu, rice cakes and boiled egg with traditional spicy peanut sauce is for vegetarian choice.

Waroeng Jajanan’s menu is truly representative of the flavors that have withstood the test of time to become Indonesia’s pride and joy. Not only does it deliver a taste of Indonesia through its Savory Food, it also cultivates an atmosphere that is uniquely Indonesian. The Indonesian groups that come by and hang out, the Indonesian TV programs that are aired and the traditional Indonesian arts and crafts that are displayed all contribute to an ambience that is distinctively Indonesian. Waroeng Jajanan is sure to ignite feelings of nostalgia, homely security and familiarity to Indonesian customers fortunate enough to live within its vicinity.


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